- "Momento Morinus Terram" VJ Pack - "Momento Morinus Terram" VJ Pack

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Made with ZBrush, Unreal Engine, & After Effects
Contains 6 MP4s and 6 DXV3 files, 1080p resolution

The archway adorned with a solar symbol and lined with rays of light trims the dome, creating a motif of a celestial realm above our terrestrial plane. Along the face of the side pillars, there are incomprehensible forces represented as winged eyes guiding the hands of fate.

Attached to the fate’s strings is the Greek Theta symbol, an ancient Athenian motif for impending death and danger. Underneath the hanging Theta, is the figure of man, attempting to lift the weight of the knowledge of his impending doom at the hands of fate.

Within the dome lies an ancient hourglass, a warning for our species. Atop the hourglass, descending on a bed of clouds, lie two winged valkyries, one forward facing, the other mirrored on the back of the hourglass. In Norse mythology, a valkyrie would appear to dead warriors and lift their souls to dine with the Gods in Valhalla. Similarly, these valkyrie appear as our society’s end cements around us.

On the front-oriented side of the hourglass, the valkyrie's right palm is downward facing and it’s left hand is upward facing. This is mirrored on the reverse side, so that as the hourglass rotates clockwise, the sculpture’s hands appear flip over, making the ASL sign for “death.”

Beneath the clouds and the celestial plane, lies an array of DNA spouting from a central eye, representing conscious life on our planet. Within the hourglass lies another, larger eye, representing matter arranged in such a way that allows the universe to become conscious thereby observing itself through it’s various life forms. The conscious eye looks downward to observe a tree sprouting out of fertile soil. As time goes on, we see the fertile soil begin to break down, falling as sand into the lower chamber of the hourglass.

Within the lower chamber, a pile of sand has begun to form, with a pair of outstretched skeletal arms reaching up for air. Adorning the lower base of the hourglass is the alchemical symbol for earth along with the omega symbol, representing the end of our domination.

Remember the Dying Earth.

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