Devin Martin is a high-energy and well-versed performance artist located in the Denver area. He prides himself on coming up with his own techniques and always thinking outside the box.

Devin is most recognized for his unique multi-hooping style. After experimenting with different hoop locks and transitions, he found a passion for creating multi-hoop tech. In his multi-hoop acts, 1-7 LED hoops come together to create shapes similar to animals and sacred geometry. Some of Devin’s multi-hoop techniques were directly inspired by Native American Hoop Dancers.

Devin is also a fully equipped and experienced fire performer. He uses unique props, and props with large flames to dazzle various crowds. Devin translated his multi-hooping passion into fire performance and can spin up to four fire hoops at once.

Devin Martin is a well-rounded and reliable performer ready to light up a stage near you.