Sugarcube Lab

Sugarcube Lab (a.k.a. Reef Tyuse) is a fine and digital artist based in St. Petersburg, Florida. She incorporates biological shapes from nature, human anatomy and science-fiction, resulting in work with anatomical precision and imaginative organic shapes. She chooses subjects that are aesthetically pleasing (often the female figure) and mixes them with weirdly captivating patterns or organisms inspired by the natural world.

The bulk of her work could be described as psychedelic bio-surrealism with a touch of eye-candy. She has been drawing and artistically inclined her whole life. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology/health studies and fine-art with a specialty in figure-drawing. She is a mixed media artist who uses ink, graphite, colored pencils, acrylic paint and more in her fine art creations. As an experienced graphic designer, she will often transform her fine art pieces digitally, pushing them into a realm beyond the physical world.

Reef performs her art live as a live-painter and VJ. She is also an aspiring DJ (Entropii) and aerialist (Aerial Hoop/Lyra apparatus). Her music genres of choice include: experimental bass music, dubstep, house/bass house & dark techno. She is currently developing a special project that she has coined “Acid Trap Jazz,” which is comprised of a collection of music with classical jazz beats/influences and modern hip-hop/rap lyrics.