Modeling: Zbrush 2022 | Texturing: Substance Painter 2023
Rigging & Animation: Blender 3.5 | Render & Lighting: Unreal Engine 5.2

The turtle robot in "Turtellini" was modeled with the zmodeler brush in Zbrush and then brought into blender for rigging and animation.

After baking several different animation sequences, the mesh was exported to Substance Painter for textures.

The texture set and animation sequences were imported into unreal engine for compositing. After setting up the master material in Unreal Engine, material functions and material instances were implemented to optimize the process.

By blending the animation sequences into one continuous animation, we arrive at the smooth walk cycle loop in the final animation. Niagara particle emitters were added to the walking animation cycle within Unreal Engine, giving a perfectly timed cloud of dust with each footstep as the robot reaches top speeds.