The Astroknox

Modeling: Zbrush 2022 | Render, Materials & Lighting: Keyshot 2022
Post-Process: Photoshop 2022

"As the black horizon recoiled broken on the 5th day, deep silence lay upon the air. Hark, the ancient crow calls shattering that old sky, allied with the always blistering rays of light gleaming like a funeral pyre along that broken, cracked rock. And lo, upon us comes abyss, The Astroknox - Rise! Rise to the sounds of horns and to death fell victoriously upon ye.

Woe to man, for cometh The Bringer of Gûlril, the Starry Knight."

This illustrative piece was created live at Astronox over the three day long camping and music festival. The piece is inspired by the event title. By taking the root origin from the greek word astro-, meaning stars or a celestial body & -nox, the latin word for night, created a character story for the Astroknox, or the starry knight.

The character was created in Zbrush 2022, and then rendered in Keyshot. To achieve the illustrative look for the final render, uses a variety of render passes blended together in post-process.

  • Soft Light

  • Translucency

  • Wireframe Topology