Sopphire is a forward-thinking musician and artist hailing from and based out of Chicago, who specializes in glitch-hop and experimental bass while also deftly weaving between d&b, halftime, and even ambient stylings. Influenced from a young age by hip-hop and rap music, which becomes evident from the percussive elements of his compositions, Sopphire's production is also shaped by trailblazers like Pretty Lights and Tipper, striving to incorporate more organic and "live" elements of the former while paying homage to the latter's sense of experimentation. Sopphire prefers a think-outside-the-DAW approach in his creative process, utilizing modular and outboard gear and highlighting analog synthesis to add a classic depth and warmth to his music. The diversity of his sound offers something for every type of listener, while his acumen and wide-ranging palette immerses his audience in a veritable creative well that seemingly never runs dry.