Softcore Geometry

Music is a sensory experience and Softcore Geometry doesn't want your eyes left out of the feast! Though he initially considered a career in a chef's hat, your eyes will be glad he turned his attention from culinary concoctions to chopping up and serving savory visualizations!

The majestic, untouched spaces of his Wyoming homeland helped inspire Softcore Geometry's artistic style when he began VJing in 2018. The influence of those dizzying mountain heights and arid expanses is evident when he's combining pleasant pastoral spaces with mind-twisting distortions.

But you'll taste a bit of the chef in how he drizzles layers of urban monotony and just a hint of ominous imagery into sets, for an evolving experience that invites immersion and promises to take you somewhere new. In addition to environmental imagery, Softcore Geometry uses his mastery of Resolume, Blender, and a suite of Adobe programs to enhance any auditory experience with tantalizing sights and transformations.