Alon Hammer, also known as REM, creates real-time visuals along with projection mapping, generative design work and unique interactive art installations.

REM was conceptually born and inspired out of the psychedelic trance music scene. It is influenced by the sounds, emotions, stories and themes associated with that form of music and its expressive capacity to forge a mind-body-spirit connection .

REM’s work evokes the notion of sustaining an altered state of perception and personal insight. Being the acronym for Rapid Eye Movement, the moment in sleep where dreams are most prevalent and lucid dreaming can easily be activated, REM is where we enter into an altered state of reality. The root and source of the REM project is just that, an altered state, as it inspires a sense of escapism and stimulating adventures. Moments of pure freedom, divine truths, inexplicable emotional outpouring, and the organic fractal nature of our reality is what REM strives to impart both visually and experientially.