R oo T

R oo T is a Chicago based VJ and Visual Artist who strives to bring a live element to your musical performances. Audiences can experience music visually just as much as they do sonically, and with a keen eye for audio and video cohesiveness, R ooT brings a level of immersion that is unparalleled. He pulls your attention using imagery, colors and designs that enhances your auditory experience. He uses methods to captivate the crowd in ways that take what is being heard to a new level of enjoyment by matching the desires of the musical artists to not only fit, but set the vibe for their event, show or installment. Whether the desires are minimal, specific, abstract, weird or even organic. Even if there are no desires to initially be met. What will be presented will do more to collaborate with the music to bring a display that everyone involved, from patron to presenter, will fully enjoy.