Illusionary Arts

Maya Shoup, known as Illusionary Arts on stage, has been heavily involved in the movement community since moving to colorado in 2017. Shortly after discovering a passion for poi and fire spinning, she began doing local performances at venues around Denver and Fort Collins. Sharing her new-found love of flow with others sparked even more inspiration within herself to grow as a prop dancer and movement artist.

After falling in love with the physical and mental challenge of pole dancing, Maya shifted her focus to cross-training flow and pole. A few years down the line, aerial arts captured her heart as well; thanks to years of pole dancing, she was able to quickly absorb the foundation of aerial hoop and grow into the aerial coach she is today.

Fluidity in movement, a story in motion, poetry beyond paper - those are the driving forces behind Maya’s creativity. She strives to hold that same space for others to exist, learn, and grow in as well.