Gill_Yum is an experimental multigenre electronic music project created by Will Nicholls. Will is a Memphis born musician/audio engineer that discovered his passions and talents through forming a band called Agori Tribe with his best friend circa 2005 - 06. Agori Tribe is a psychedelic jazz fusion funk band that led Will to his discovery of different sounds and once he got his hands on Ableton, his world opened up.

Around 2008-10 it is safe to say the idea of Gill_Yum was birthed and from there Will developed his love of sound design and further dove into the word of audio. Years later Will has worked in the industry in many different positions but ultimately became a well rounded audio engineer for live shows and his studio skills led him this route. Gill_Yum is the personal music project of Will Nicholls and Will hopes to leave behind a catalog of music that can better represent the intangible that we so hope to make tangible.