EO Rafelson is an innovative motion designer & creative technologist. Mixing mediums in innovative ways, he reaches outside the norm with extraordinary dedication to creating high-quality work.

In his video toolkit are programs like After Effects, Cinema 4D + Redshift, Blender, Premier Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and many more in the Adobe Creative Suite.

He is the inventor of Kaleideo, a visual instrument that records and projects the inside of a handmade kaleidoscope in real time for immersive experiences.

Outside of the pixel magic, the first thing on his mind is to get outside and into the beauty of this planet. He grew up snowboarding during the winters in Colorado, his go-to access point for true transcendence on heavenly powder days. He is also an avid foodie, and loves to play classic games like chess, scrabble, and poker. EO’s ideal day might go something like this: wake up, meditate, “checkmate!”, sweaty sunshine, yummy tummy, shakin’ booty.