Stuart Huettel, a digital artist and VJ who performs as Re:Fractal, expertly fuses the space between digital media and thought-provoking emotive experience. As the line between synthetic and organic design begins to blur, familiar yet unknown spaces begin to arise within the imagination. Stimulating your wildest thoughts from subconscious cavities, the images left in your mind carry from your screen into the ever changing world. Re:fractal has given real-time visual performances for artists such as Smigonaut, Duffrey, Leon Switch, Shlump, Templo, Christian Martin, Gene Farris, David Starfire and more!

Morgan McClary

Morgan McClary is a multi-talented performer and digital artist. Specializing as a portrait artist, Morgan guides the viewer through a unique, alternative viewing of our shared reality.


Diethylamide is a digital artist seeking to recreate entheogenic experiences in a palpable form. Initially having more of a focus in VJing, he has recently been diving into the world of graphic design, so expect to see more prints/stills in the future! Through his work as a VJ over the last two years, Diethylamide has worked with artists such as K.L.O., Mike Wallis, Seppa, Malakai, 5AM, Duffrey, Hullabalo0, Ovoid, Pushloop, The Widdler, Ternion Sound, and more.

Cartoon Advisory

Digital Artist and VJ Juan Rendon invites you to take a journey into his digital realm. Psychedelic color palettes and
abstract geometry bring to life the adventures that take place in Cartoon Advisory’s alternate reality. Take a trip
through the evolving forms and characters that stem from Juan’s imagination. The characters in each piece convey
the human psyche and allow us to connect to each piece even further. Cartoon Advisory has had the opportunity to
collaborate with artists such as Eazybaked, G-Space, Chee, Peekaboo, and DMVU on several different projects
including music videos and custom graphics for live shows.

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